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While you’ve done all the planning and made the final guest list, it’s now the turn to get the wedding invitations printed. Getting the invitations printed is also a very huge

Saima Nafis09-04-2021

The wedding apparel industry is not only working hard on creating new and innovative styles for the brides but also trying to please the grooms by making their sherwanis equal

Saima Nafis09-04-2021

Whether you have to go out to buy groceries or attend a wedding, a lady needs a pouch, purse, or a bag to keep all her essentials in one place. And if you’re

Saima Nafis09-04-2021

Indian braids are always considered to be the epitome of elegance, traditional looks, and rich beauty. They have continued to influence bridal hairstyles all

Gurbani Kaur08-04-2021

The way a groom enters is truly the standout point for any wedding! While some grooms choose a convenient way of entering, such as on a horse, there are unconventional ideas t

Wedding Videographers are heroes in disguise. They shoot the wedding video of the bride and groom and capture eternal love and happiness for you to stare at e

COVID -19 Outbreak has changed the face of Indian Weddings. While Big Fat Indian Weddings were trending scenes and now Intimate Wedding is breaking all the tr

Saaneya Khanna08-04-2021

Chura is an important part of a Punjabi bride's solah shringar. This is one of the most evident marks of a new bride. Not only that, it is also known to bring

Gurbani Kaur08-04-2021

Do you like wearing an anklet or a Payal? It is believed that Payal is one of the sixteen adornments of an Indian bride(solah shringar) that makes her look mo

Ishika Agarwal08-04-2021

The charm of every wedding, the sangeet. Is it really even a wedding without a tinch of desi Bollywood thumkas? Every bride or groom has a song in their head singing loudly as

Saina Takkar08-04-2021
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