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In the beautiful city of Swansea, United Kingdom, Priya and Rajar got married and inaugurated their journey of a thousand lifetimes and count

Saina Takkar01-04-2021

From being acquaintances to becoming life partners have a lot of fun-filled and roller coaster moments/instances that a couple experiences. With all the cheerful and mesmerizi

Chandni Chopra03-02-2021

Priya started working at the University of Kentucky as a neurology resident. One day she visited a pharmacy to get a prescription pad for their extremely busy

Ishika Agarwal30-12-2020

After seven long years of relationship, Ravneet and Sanju got married in a beautiful ceremony, by the beach, surrounded by their intimate family members and a bunch of friends

Chandni Chopra05-12-2020

Every wedding has its own charm topped with endless fun with family. Like every couple, Riash and Ashish were quite excited for their wedding day. Afterall it brings a biggest

Chandni Chopra05-12-2020

Getting a life companion is a need for all human beings, if not for many. For a few years Youtube has taken the world through the medium of the internet by storm because of ma

Shivangi Dua04-12-2020

We had the chance of going through Tanya & Neev’s wedding pictures, and we were stunned at their mesmerizing and irresistible look. Tanya wore a beautiful-work off-white w

Shivangi Dua03-12-2020

This gorgeous pair was spotted in some beautiful photographs which were a delight to glimpse at. We were stunned at how beautifully the couples carried themselves. Their costu

Shivangi Dua03-12-2020

It just needed one glance of Trisha and Rahul's wedding pictures, for us to be stunned at their mesmerizing and irresistible look. Trisha wore a beautiful-work pink western co

Shivangi Dua03-12-2020

It’s said that patience is the main virtue of marriage and the fruit of patience is sweet. This could not have been proved wrong when one looks at the pictures of the couple w

Shivangi Dua03-12-2020
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