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Abhi to party shuru hui hai! So folks, here VenueMonk bring to you the most fantastic places to visit with your friends. From getting high after the breakup to dancing your he

Sandesh Mishra28-04-2021

We are all extremely enthusiastic about cricket and we love how everyone is so dedicated about all the matches, be it on the TV screen or in the stadium we need to sit on the

Saina Takkar08-04-2021

If your celebrations aren’t unbelievably crazy and fun will anyone even remember them? Forget the old plain-Jane parties and go all out with this super energetic place, <

Saina Takkar05-03-2021

A little shimmer, a little dazzle, is it time to plan a mind-blowing party? Too many questions and many for things adding up to your confusion? Don’t worry we got you! Plan a

Saina Takkar04-03-2021

Are you in the same clan who doesn’t know where to lose their bodies and dance to every beat next? We all love to party and get lost in the vibe of stunning electric energy di

Saina Takkar04-03-2021

Celebrations are supposed to be grand and you can’t stick to the basics because this party will never happen again. So, why not stick to doing something completely out of the

Saina Takkar04-03-2021

New Delhi the city that has a big heart filled with some noisy, loud streets adorned by colorful souls. This is one city where you

Saina Takkar04-03-2021

Gurgaon, the leading financial hub has witnessed alongside the boom in the IT sector a major boom in the pubbing Culture. Which has to led to the rise of numerous pubs and bar

Prasasth Peter17-02-2021

Known as a financial and technology hub. This crazy place is limited to just that, there is a lot more that flows into this city. With the growing population in this city, the

Saina Takkar17-02-2021

Gurgaon is a huge city with various set of people working and growing in it every day. It is huge and it continues to grow in numb

Saina Takkar17-02-2021
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