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Latest Haldi Ceremony Blogs on VenueMonk

The haldi ceremony is one of the main traditional ceremonies of an Indian wedding. Different regions call it by different names such as ubtan, tel baan, halad chadavane, m

Saima Nafis14-04-2021

The colour yellow has been a big part of weddings in India since forever. It is the colour associated with Ma Saraswati and plays a significant role in bridal

Chandni Chopra06-04-2021

Imagine this. The lush green lawn spread all over, covered with the pleasing yellow, to the point where your sight ends and you see young and innocent kids frolicking and jump

One of the most fun-filled and exciting pre-wedding functions of the Indian wedding saga is the haldi ceremony. The function is filled with laughter, jokes, dancing, delicious

Saima Nafis31-03-2021

Continuing with pre-wedding festivities, the successful South Indian actress Kajal Aggarwal’s haldi ceremony was held at her home. It was once again a private affair with all

Saima Nafis03-11-2020
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