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Planning your kid’s birthday party? Thinking how to make the party a fun event for all the children and their accompanying parents? Well, in-house games are a great way to add

Shubham Jain27-04-2021

When planning a party, you need to have delicious food and great people. However, if you really want to make your party memorable and a fun experience for years to come, you’l

Devi Chaudhary24-04-2021

Co-working spaces have been a hype among millennials since 2005. It has taken over every office because of its collective space sharing. The employees in this way, can sociali

Archiet Kaur15-04-2021

Dumb Charades is one of the most played games in any parties, social gatherings, team outings, or family picnics. It can be played amongst all age groups and also acts as a go

Saima Nafis10-04-2021

The Indian Premier League (IPL) isn’t just a game of cricket, it is a festival of joy for Indians who love their game. After all the speculation, relocation a

Saaneya Khanna08-04-2021

Isn’t playing the Tambola game the perfect game to come together with your loved ones and celebrate at home? It is indeed! Since we can’t hav

Saina Takkar31-03-2021

"Abhi to party shuru hui hai!" So, dear folks let the craziness and excitement reach their highest level. And for this, VenueMonk brings a list of amazing drinking game ideas


Kitty parties give ladies the much-needed break from the daily chores of life to let hair down and have fun with a set of friends. What is most loved about these parties is th

Chandni Chopra02-02-2021
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