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Cocktail party is the day when a bride can exude it’s elegance in the most flamboyant way. It is time to shine with the right colour, style, and embellishment such that she lo

Saina Takkar26-07-2021

Super excited for your best friend’s cocktail party? The last boys night together! Unlimited fun and getting high is all incomplete without a mind blowing list of party&n


A cocktail party is a party, usually held in the early evening, where cocktails or other drinks are served. People often dress quite formally or semi-formal for it. It is the

Devi Chaudhary22-04-2021

Hosting a cocktail party can be just as amusing as attending one, believe us when we say this! It allows you to let you dance to r

Devi Chaudhary21-04-2021
How would you want your cocktail party to be? The usual fun party or a one which your guests won't ever forget?! Two things can make your usual cocktail party into an amazing fun party which your gue
Jon Snow is looking for ‘Dragonglass’ and The Dragon Queen wants him to ‘bend the knee’ but in all the epic cinematography and thrill ‘Game Of Thrones’ brings to the viewers, it made up a great theme
The Clairvoyant02-11-2020

Cocktail parties have been on the rise to popularity lately, people have been organising these for their wedding celebrations, business events, birthday celebrations, an

It’s party time! And, party means drinks. We bet, you didn’t know anything about the legends of your favourite cocktails. So, VenueMonk disclo
Attracted by the pretty coloured cocktails? Don’t be fooled by their innocent appearance as these are made with hardly any mixers and high proof alcohol. venuemonk30-10-2020
  Drinking with your boss! Well, this is quite tricky! The type of drink you order speaks who you are. So, be careful and make a good statement. And for your help,
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