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Birthday are less about getting older and more about fun, parties, enjoyment and celebrations. Even the Bible says "I commend the enjoyment of life because there is nothing

Ananya Bathla09-09-2021

Birthdays are a very special time of year. They remind us that how beautifully each year of our life is passing and how we are growing. They’re a cause for celebration and a g

Ananya Bathla03-09-2021

Birthday parties are once-a-year special occasions. There’s no question that a good birthday theme can take a party from average to wildly creative, fun and jaw-dropping (if y

Saaneya Khanna30-04-2021

Birthdays and cakes are almost synonymous. The tradition of blowing a candle, cutting a cake, and making a wish is the same across the globe.  A delightful and delectable

Saaneya Khanna30-04-2021

Your daughter in love with the Mermaid - the mystical creatures of the sea?

Then you know which theme decoration is perfec

Shivangi Dua29-04-2021

Birthday is a special event for all of us! Birthday Candles are considered as Wishes. Blowing them out while wishing something from your heart. 

Every parent wants a perfect celebration party on his child turning one! But, confused among the list of birthday cakes amidst all the excitement? To help you out, V


Yeh Dilli hai mere yaar, bas khaana yaari or yaar! Its not just the cuisines that customers are looking for, but also chic and quirky ambience to set the perfect par

Sandesh Mishra28-04-2021

"What should I gift her for her birthday?" The question you have been having in your mind for quite some time as her birthday is near! 

No matter how old you get your birthday will always excite you. It’s your day and everyone wants to celebrate your existence, in the most applauding manner. Be it a five-year-

Saina Takkar30-03-2021
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