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For any team to survive the ever-increasing competition in the extremely competent entrepreneurial sphere, teams need to work with extreme levels of cohesiveness. Reaching a p


This is a question no one wants to answer, no one wants to pick with both of them equally good. Giving you a hard time making a decision. So we decided to weigh in both the op


Celebrations are occasions worth going all-in while planning, an occasion to spread joy and spend time with your loved ones. Whether it is a reception, engagement, wedding or


Hosting a party can be a tedious task and can become time-consuming. Time to thank your lucky stars, we have a list of hand-picked locations from an ocean of options. Hope we


Gurgaon, the leading financial hub has witnessed alongside the boom in the IT sector a major boom in the pubbing Culture. Which has to led to the rise of numerous pubs and bar


New year the ending bell of the season of celebration and the start of a new calendar year brings out the party animals inside us, making it the most awaited


New year the season of celebration, the festive mood when everyone is filled with energy. The holiday season is one of the most enjoyed seasons worldwide. People across the gl


A new year is a great occasion to bring all your loved ones together, to celebrate the start of a new decade. The most awaited day of the year worldwide, the day when the whol


Did this one just pass like the wind too? Or is it just me? 

Yet with our arms open wide, we welcome yet another New

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