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People keep on talking about mehndi design. We have seen celebrities and influencers talk about their han


Why should brides have all the fun? Mehndi for grooms was never an alien concept, in fact, it's actually an age-old ritual as per Indian weddings, it's just t


We usually see brides flaunting their Chura sets containing different designs and styles of bangles. These days the hot trend is to match your bridal Chura with your lehenga.


Do you like wearing an anklet or a Payal? It is believed that Payal is one of the sixteen adornments of an Indian bride(solah shringar) that makes her look mo


Not to forget that on a wedding day, the center of attraction is the bride and the groom, of course, but the excitement to see the


From having a modest workforce of just three persons, Sabyasachi Mukherjee has graduated into a successful fashion entrepreneur and clothing brand that caters


When you pose you should definitely look beautiful together. For couples young and old, photoshoots offer the chance to express th


When you think of the word ‘Mehndi’ the first image that comes to mind is of an elaborate pattern made on the pal


Much- awaited moment in every couple’s life. The bride and groom both feel thrilled on one side and panic and hesitancy on the other side of the first night. At the same time,

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