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 417, Mehrauli-Gurgaon Rd, Ghitorni, Delhi.

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D Imperia is located on the Mehrauli-Gurgaon road in Ghitorni. The venue is in close proximity, precisely 1 km, from Ghitorni metro station on the yellow line of DMRC.

D Imperia offers a fine blend of traditional and contemporary ambience. The outdoor celebration area is lush-green and spacious with an accommodation capacity of up to 800 guests, making it an appropriate venue for large gathering celebrations. There is an availability of banquet hall in D Imperia with an exquisite ambience which gives a dash of sumptuousness to your events.

Food and Service
D Imperia offers a wide array of multi-cuisine vegetarian and non-vegetarian food and beverages packages for your event. The unlimited food packages are customizable according to your requirements.

Known For
The venue offers a whimsical set-up for your events without burning a hole in your pocket. D Imperia offers in-house caterers and decorators making your event-planning easier. With a choice between indoor and outdoor celebration areas within the venue, D Imperia is your perfect venue option for events ranging from Wedding to Conference.

Best suited for
  • Anniversary
  • Birthday Party
  • Conference
  • Engagement
  • Party
  • Social Gathering
  • Wedding

  • Multi Cuisine
  • Wedding Menu
  • Social Function Menu
  • High Tea Menu

  • Catering
  • DJ Available
  • Parking
  • A/V Equipment
  • Power Backup
  • Indoor & Outdoor
  • Live Sports Screening
  • Inhouse Catering Available
  • Outside Catering Allowed
  • Dedicated Dance Floor
  • Hawan
  • Baraat Allowed

D Imperia Packages & Menu

Premium (Veg)

Mocktails (5), Bats And Bases (Veg) (10), Enhancements (11), Baked Collage (7), Pasta Station (3), Salads (Veg) (6), Desserts (14), Quenchers (5), Main Course (Veg) (9)

INR 1600

Price Per Person

Premium (Non-Veg)

Mocktails (5), Bats And Bases (Veg) (5), Enhancements (10), Baked Collage (7), Pasta Station (3), Salads (Veg) (6), Flavour of Far East (Chinese) (4), Desserts (9), Quenchers (5), Bats And Bases (Non-Veg) (5), Soups (Non-Veg) (2), Main Course (Non-Veg) (11)

INR 1700

Price Per Person

Royal (Veg)

Mocktails (5), Shakes (3), Exotic Imported and Indian Fruits (10), Chaats (5), Bats And Bases (Veg) (16), Enhancements (11), Live Dal (Yellow) Station (Veg) (10), Baked Collage (7), Rajasthani / Marwari Food (5), Pasta Station (3), Salads (8), Desserts (19), Hot Beverage (2), Quenchers (5), Main Course (Veg) (9)

INR 1800

Price Per Person

Royal (Non-Veg)

Mocktails (5), Exotic Imported and Indian Fruits (12), Bats And Bases (Veg) (10), Enhancements (10), Live Dal (Yellow) Station (Veg) (10), Baked Collage (8), Pasta Station (3), Desserts (12), Hot Beverage (2), Quenchers (5), Soups (Non-Veg) (1), Salads (Non-Veg) (1), Bats And Bases (Non-Veg) (8), Main Course (Non-Veg) (10), Dancing Wok (4)

INR 1900

Price Per Person

Imperia (Veg)

Mocktails (6), Shakes (3), Exotic Imported and Indian Fruits (14), Chaats (8), Bats And Bases (Veg) (25), Breads (8), Enhancements (11), Live Dal (Yellow) Station (Veg) (10), Baked Collage (7), Rajasthani / Marwari Food (4), Pasta Station (3), Salads (8), Flavour of Far East (Chinese) (8), Desserts (25), Kulfi Station (3), Hot Beverage (2), Quenchers (4), Main Course (Veg) (11), Soups (Veg) (3)

INR 2100

Price Per Person

Imperia (Non-Veg)

Mocktails (5), Shakes (3), Bats And Bases (Veg) (12), Enhancements (11), Live Dal (Yellow) Station (Veg) (10), Baked Collage (7), Rajasthani / Marwari Food (6), Pasta Station (3), Salads (8), Flavour of Far East (Chinese) (5), Desserts (27), Hot Beverage (2), Quenchers (5), Non-Veg Live Counter (3), Bats And Bases (Non-Veg) (11), Soups (Non-Veg) (2), Salads (Non-Veg) (2), Main Course (Non-Veg) (13)

INR 2200

Price Per Person



Mojito - Lemon chunks, brown sugar topped with crushed mint leaves
Valantino - Water melon and mint brings sparkle to your eyes
Litchi Hawallan - Litchi with blue curacao and pineapple juice
Honey Moon - Honey, apple juice, orange juice, lime juice and crushed ice
Sunshine Guava - Roasted cumin, Guava extracts, topped with mint syrup
Thai Collins - Fresh chunks of pineapple, pineapple juice and lemonade
Aam Panna - Raw Mango pulp mixed into chilled mint water




Aerated Drink
Diet Pepsi
Fresh Lime Soda & Water
Mineral Water Bottle 200 ml

Exotic Imported and Indian Fruits

Thai Orange (Thailand)
Grapes (Californian)
Guava (Thailand)
Kiwi (Newzeland)
Apple (China)
Dragon (Thailand)
Plum (Thailand)
Water Melon (Bangalore)
Papaya (Bangalore)
Shardha (Bangalore)
Pine Apple (Rani)
Chicku (Bangalore)
Anaar (Kandhar)
Imli (Thailand)
Mango (Seasonal)
Cherries (Seasonal)


Kolkata Puchka
Crispy Moong Dal Chilla
Crispy SuratKaChilla
Aloo Tikki
Pav Bhaji
Kesari Bhalla
Hari Mattar Ki Tikki
Corn Tikki
Italian Chaat
Samosa Chaat
Paneer Ball Chaat
Chilli Potato Chaat
Bombay Bhel Puri
Fruit Kulia
Saim Puri
(Moth and Choley Aloo)
Moth Kachori
Kachori Chaat
Paneer Ki Tikki
(Stuffed Dry Fruit)
Raj Kachori
Ram Ladoo
Aloo Hyderabadi
Dal Biscotti
Ragra Patties Chaat
English Chaat
Dry Fruit Chaat
Kanji Vada
Chena GujiyaKaKesari

Bats And Bases (Veg)

Subz Paneer Jugalbandi - Cubes of cottage cheese marinated in yogurt dressing and Indianspices char-grilled on skewer
Aloo Motiyana Andaz - Potato stuffed withMashedcottage cheese with dry fruit and coated with sesame seeds char-grilled on skewer
Kudrat Ka Tohfa - Pealed caps of mushroom stuffed with cheese and walnut char-grilled on skewer
Peshawari Phool - Broccoli florets flavoured with mustard seeds and pickling spices char-grilled on skewer
Tandoori Phallon Ki Bahar - Apple,guava, pears pine apple marinated in Indian spices and cooked on skewers
Kathal Ke Tikke - Shallow fried jackfruits and Bengal gram paste with raw mango, Onions and Green Chillies
Sarson Ke Phool - Cauliflower flavoured with Indian Spices and char-grilled on skewers
Stuffed Soya Malai Tikka - Morsels of Soybean marinated in spicy yoghurt char-grilled with a touch of butter cream
Dahi Kebab - Hung curd infused with Indian herbs and deep fried
Mewamawa Ki Kakori - Mince of cottage cheese and condensed milk seasoned with Indian spices and finished with nuts
Thai Spring Roll - Imported sheet stuffed with glass noodles, vegetables and servedwithsweet chilli sauce on side
Crispy Water Chestnut In Chilli Sauce - Rolled in corn flour deep fried and tossed in chilli sauce
Crispy Lotus Stem With Sesame Seeds - Lotus stem in honey chilli sauce topped with sesame seeds
Sichuan Mushroom - Crispy batter fried mushroom tossed in Sichuan spices
Sai-Woo Paneer - Fried cubes of cottage cheese tossed with honey and Sichuan pepper
Crispy Greens Salt And Pepper - Batter fried tossed exotic vegetables finished with spring onion
Broccoli And Corn Tossed - Par boiled broccoli and corn nibbles and tossed with star aniseed
Baby Honey Potatoes With Chilli Flakes - Shredded finger potatoes sauté with dash of honey and chilli flakes
Greens Tampura - Exotic vegetable fried with tempura batter
Mushroom Duplex - Mushroom caps stuffed with mozzarella and crushed pepper crumb fried
Sundried Tomato Stuffed Spanish Potato - Chopped sundried tomatoes milange with cheese stuffed in baby potatoes
Cheese And Jalapeno Stuffed Zucchini Fritters - Stuffed crumbed fried zucchini served with sweet chilli sauce
Mozzarella Cheese Bullets - Deep fried cheese coated with bread crumbs
Bruchattas - Fine chopped tomatoes and bell pepper served on French bread
Pitta Pockets - Pitta bread stuffed with smoked cottage cheese, onion and three peppers


Masala Bread
French Baguette
Garlic Bread
Multi Grain
Dinner Rolls
Bread Sticks


Burhani Raita
Mix Vegetables Raita
Dahi Bhalla
Teekhi Tamatar Ki Chutney
Pudina Ki Chutney
Laccha Pyaz
Sirka Pyaz
Papad Station
Assorted Achar

Live Dal (Yellow) Station (Veg)

Nawabi Paneer - Triangle of cottage cheese served in tangy gravy with kasturimethi
Rounak-E-Champ - Chunks of soya been cooked in chef special gravy
Kofta Sham Shvera - Spinach and cottage cheese dumpling simmered in a tangy gravy
Kalongi Wali Subzian - Nagilla seeds and spice mix tossed assorted fresh vegetables
Makki Shehjadi - Puree of spinach finished with sweet corn and cream
Dum Ki Akuri - Lady finger cooked on simmered flame with traditional spices
Guncha Musallam - florets of cauliflower cooked on dum
Dhingri Dhaniya Korma - Par boiled peas and mushroom caps cooked in chef special gravy
Nihana Bhuttey Di Subzi - Baby corn cooked in juliennes of capsicum, onion, tomato, ginger, whole coriander and finished with Indian spices
Sudubz Dum Chilman Biryani - Basmati Rice Cooked on Dum To Perfection with Dices of An Assortmentof Seasonal Vegetables with Condiments & Spices and A Touch of Saffron
Noor Dum Biryani - Basmati rice cooked on to the perfection with soya been, chukunder and white channa and flavoured with traditional spices from Lucknow

Baked Collage

Pudina Or Plain Parantha
Butter Or Plain Naan
Bharwan Kulcha
Luckanwi Kulcha
Ulte Tawa Ka Parantha
Lachha Parantha

Rajasthani / Marwari Food

Mangochi Kadhi With Steam Rice - Dumpling simmered in ayellow thick gravy tempered with red chillies and coriander
Govind Gatta Curry - Gram flour dumpling simmered in yoghurt gravy cooked in traditional spices
Yellow Dal Tadka - Yellow lentil tempered with cumin, red chilli powder and hing and finished with desi ghee
Rasiladaar Aloo Ki Subzi - ChatpatteRajasthanialoo best with bedmipoori

Pasta Station


Salads (Veg)

Greek Salad - Cubes of vegetables and three peppers with green, black olives with feta cheese
Caprese Salad - Ripened slice tomato, basil, bocconcini mozzarella and baby spinach
Healthy - Heart - Ice burg lettuce, asparagus and cherry tomato with pesto dressing
Insalata Di Pasta - Pasta salad with exotic vegetable with ITALIANdressing
Three Beans Salad - Three type of beans with lemon and olive oil dressing

Flavour of Far East (Chinese)

Kimchi Salad - Chinese cabbage and Indian cabbage mixed with tomato ketchup, chilli pasteseasoning and topped with sesame seeds
Pickle Salad - Cucumber, Tomato, Onion and Carrot mixed with Chinese dressing
Broccoli Bockchoi Black Mushroom Chilli Beans Sauce - Cubes of cottage cheese cooked with veggies and black bean sauce
Exotic Vegetables In Schezwan Sauce - Broccoli, baby corn, zucchini, bell pepper and asparagus tossed in schezwan style
Hakka Noodle - Noodles tossed with Veggies and Chinese sauces
Vegetable Fried Rice - Assorted Cube Size Veggies tossed with Aromatic Steamed Rice
Kaeng-Phat-Phuk - Stir fried veggies with authentic Thai red curry
Khao - Pao - Rainbow steamed rice


Gold Coin Jalebi
Gulab Jamun With Stuffed Pista
Moong Dal Halwa
Gajar Halwa (Seasonal)
Tawa Mithai Chaat
Shahi Tukda
Gulab Kheer
Blackforest Gateaux
Blue Berry Cheese Cake
Pineapple Cake
Blackforest Cake
Chocolate Truffle
Fresh Fruit Tarts
Lemon Tarts
Chocolate Tarts
Lemon Souffle
Orange Souffle
Chocolate Mousse
Truffle Pudding
Red Velvet Cake
Chocolate Molten Cake

Kulfi Station

Varity Kulfi Four Type
Tilla Wali Kulfi
Assorted Exotic Flavours Of Ice Cream

Hot Beverage

Assorted Tea / Coffee

Non-Veg Live Counter

Chicken Shwarma With Pita Breads
Gurde Kapoore on Tawa
Luckhanvi Tunda Kabab With Ulta Tawa Ka Parantha

Bats And Bases (Non-Veg)

Fish Ajwaini Tikka
Chilli Fish
Fish Finger With Tartar Sauce
Murg Malai Tikka
Murg Tangdi
Sesame Chicken
Drums Of Heaven
Chilli Chicken
Chicken Nuggets
Mutton Seekh Kabab
Mutton Balls In Barbeque Sauce

Soups (Non-Veg)

Red Shorba
Chicken And Corn Soup

Salads (Non-Veg)

Chicken Tikka Chaat
Chicken Hawain Salad
Seasonal Fresh Green Salad
Aloo Chane Ki Chaat
Aloo And Beans Salad
Marinated Mushroom
Baby Corn And Broccoli Salad
Kachumbar Salad
Lachha Onion
Green Chillies With Lemon Flakes

Live Dal (Yellow) Station (Non-Veg)

Goan Fish Curry
Murg Makhni
Rarra Ghost
Nawabi Paneer
Dum Aloo Kashmiri
Kofta Sham Savera
Diwani Handi
Makki Shahjadi
Gobhi Methi Ka Tukda
Hyderabad Chicken Biryani
Subz Biryani
Jeera Pulao

Bats And Bases (Non-Veg)

Fish Ajwaini Tikka
Chilli Fish
Fish Finger With Tartar Sauce
Murg Malai Tikka
Murg Tangdi
Sesame Chicken
Drums Of Heaven
Chilli Chicken
Chicken Nuggets
Muton Seekh Kabab
Mutton Balls In Barbeque Sauce

Main Course (Veg)

Paneer Pasanda Zafrani
Kofta Shaam Savera
Kalongi Wali Subzian
Makai Shahzadi
Gobhi Methi Ka Tuk
Bharwa Aloo
Dal Bhukhara
Subz Dum Chilman Biryani

Main Course (Non-Veg)

Murg Makhni
Rarra Ghost
Nawabi Paneer
Kofta Shaam Savera
Makki Shahjadi
Gobhi Methi Ka Took
Dal Bhukhara
Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani
Subz Biryani
Jeera Pulao

Dancing Wok

Choice Vegetables - Bokchoy, Broccoli, Zucchini, Babby, American Corn, Black Mushroom, Shitake Mushroom, Button Mushroom, Red & Green, Cabbage, Red & Yellow Pepper, Spinach, Garlic, Red Chilli, Carrots, Spring Onions, Bamboo Shoots
Sauces - Szechwan, Hot Garlic, Black Bean & Black Pepper
Toppings - Noodles, Golden Fried Garlic
Accompaniments - Chilli Vinegar, Soya, Fermented Chilli Paste

Soups (Veg)

Red Shorba
Birds Nest
Hot And Sour Soup

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Awesome ambience and food! Really amazing place to host your weddings. The service and management is also quite up to the mark. Really happy with their services!

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$Value For Money $100%%

Terms and Conditions

  1. All Venue Rules Apply.
  2. No Arms and Ammunitions allowed inside the premises.
  3. All Government applicable taxes are extra on the listed price.
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