Frequently Asked Questions

Top Queries

  • Q. What is VenueMonk?

    A. VenueMonk is a technology enabled event planning service. You can explore over a thousand listed venues and vendors for planning your event. Not only do we provide detailed, comprehensive and current information on venues and vendors, we also help you book these services at the lowest market price with just click here or a call to 971-777-9251.

  • Q. I have an event coming up. How can VenueMonk help?

    A. We will connect you to the right venues/vendors based on your requirement and make it convenient for you to plan your event. We will help you with three things:

    1. Find venues/vendors you may not know of based on your requirements.
    2. Get availability of multiple venues/vendors in one go instead of you calling up all one at a time to get the availability.
    3. Get negotiated prices for your shortlisted venues/vendors to enable you to take an informed decision much faster.

  • Q. Why should I book through VenueMonk?

    A. By using VenueMonk, you save on time, money and effort. To know more click here.

  • Q. How can I get in touch with you?

    A. You can click here to submit your event details or call us on 971-777-9251. You can also write to us at for any other queries.

  • Q. Are the rates mentioned on the website final prices?

    A. The rates mentioned on the websites are standard/rack rates. We provide you the final lowest prices after you shortlist the venues/vendors and send us an enquiry.
    You can click here or call 971-777-9251 to send an enquiry.

  • Q. Are you an event planner?

    A. No, we do not plan but empower you to plan your event hassle-free with use of technology and comprehensive & current information.

  • Q. Do you charge anything to your customer?

    A. No, we do not charge anything from our customers.

  • Q. What all events do you cater to?

    A. We help you book venues/vendors for all events ranging from social gatherings like birthday parties, bachelor parties, weddings to corporate events like conferences, team parties and meetings.

  • Q. How do you earn?

    A. Venues and Vendors pay us to market them and get them more business.

  • Q. Once we have finalised the venue, how do I pay the booking amount?

    A. You can pay the booking amount online to us or directly to the venue, whichever is more comfortable for you. On paying the booking amount to us or the venue, your booking is 100% confirmed.

  • Q. How can I make changes or cancel my booking?

    A. The changes / cancellations can be made according to the terms and conditions of the venue you have booked.

  • Q. What are your operating hours?

    A. We operate from 9am to 9pm Monday to Saturday. But our event experts are available 24x7 if you have any urgent requirements or if you face any issues with your booking.

For Venues/Vendors

  • Q. Why list with VenueMonk?

    A. VenueMonk is your marketing partner. By listing your business on VenueMonk, your business gets more visibility and increased revenue.

  • Q. What are the charges for listing my business on your website?

    A. We do not charge anything for listing your business on our website.

  • Q. How much time does it take to get my business live on your website?

    A. Your business page would be live on our website within 24 hours after we get all the required information from you.

  • Q. How soon will I start getting enquiries from you?

    A. You will start getting enquiries from us as soon as your business page is live on our website.

  • Q. How much do you charge for marketing my business?

    A. We do charge a small fee for marketing your business and getting your more customers. The fee will be discussed with you by our event expert personally.